Introducing the Pacific Urban Partnership

#PUF6 has concluded. Thank you to all participants!

The Pacific Urban Partnership (PUP) works to accelerate the implementation of the New Urban Agenda to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in the Pacific through a multi-stakeholder partnership.

The four working pillars of the Pacific Urban Partnership are:

Environment, Resilience and Infrastructure

Climate change mitigation, community adaptation and ecological protection.

Social Equity and Urbanisation

The “right to the city”: informal settlements and basic services, affordable housing, public awareness, and engagement.

Urban Economy

Land use and territorial planning, local economic development, connectivity and productivity, technology and innovation.

Urban Governance

Empowering local government, National Urban Policies, enabling legislation, tenure security and multi-stakeholder partnerships.


PUP works with Pacific Island country national and local governments, together with community stakeholders, on a wide range of projects under the four working pillars to support the countries to achieve sustainable urban development. These projects respond to needs identified by the countries and cover technical assistance, capacity building, infrastructure and more. PUP member organisations work in:

Disclaimer: This map is illustrative only and not to scale.


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Australian Volunteers Program, funded by the Australian Government.